Liturgical Ministries

Eucharistic Minister

Extraordinary Ministers of Communion who serve the Body and Blood of Christ at Mass and to the sick and homebound. Eucharistic Ministers may be installed by the pastor with the authorization of the Bishop. The ideal candidate is a confirmed Catholic who has an understanding of the Eucharist and an appreciation of the importance of the Eucharist in the life of the Church. To undertake this ministry requires a prayerful awareness of the gift of the Body and Blood of Christ in your own lives and a willingness to share that gift. Training takes place in the early fall and at various times during the year as needed so if you are interested in becoming part of this rewarding ministry please contact Fr. Juan any time.


Any confirmed man or woman who would like to proclaim the Word of God at Mass can be a lector at Mass and other services. If you have a strong speaking voice please consider this ministry. You will receive a Lector Workbook that will help to prepare you for your readings. It will have pronunciation for those hard to say biblical names! Contact the church office or 978-342-4706.  No special training is needed. We would be very happy to have a few new voices! Think about it...

Altar Server

Any child, teen or adult that has made their their First Communion and are in grade 3 and above who assist the priest and deacon during Mass. Training is held at various times of the year as determined by Fr. Juan. If you have questions about what is required, please contact Fr. Juan

Music Ministry

Do you know someone who plays the organ and/or keyboard and is willing to volunteer to play at least one Mass on the weekend? Please contact the church office 978-342-4706 to speak to Fr. Juan.