In an effort to combat the Coronavirus ALL Masses and church related functions have been canceled until further notice. The office is closed. Please communicate by phone message or email
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Welcome to St. Anthony of Padua Church

A Roman Catholic Parish of the Diocese of Worcester


Dear Friends,

The Coronavirus pandemic is confusing and frightening for hundreds of millions of people. That is not surprising. Many around the world are sick and many others have died. Unless the situation changes dramatically, many more will fall ill and die around the globe. This crisis raises questions. But it raises additional questions for people of faith. Knowing that masses and liturgical celebrations are cancelled we might feel that we are missing something. But please:

Resist panic. This is not to say there is no reason to be concerned, or that we should ignore the sound advice of medical professionals and public health experts. But panic and fear are not from God. Calm and hope are. And it is possible to respond to a crisis seriously and deliberately while maintaining an inner sense of calm and hope.

Do not demonize. Someone told me that when an elderly Chinese man got onto a subway car in New York City, the car emptied out as people started shouting slurs at him, blaming his country for spreading the virus. Resist the temptation to demonize, which increases in time of stress and shortages. Covid-19 is not a Chinese disease; it is not a “foreign” disease. It is no one’s “fault.” Likewise, the people who become infected are not to guilty. Illness is not a punishment. So don’t demonize and don’t hate.

Many things have been cancelled because of the coronavirus. Love is not one of them.

Care for the sick. Do what you can to help others, especially the elderly, disabled, poor and isolated. Take the necessary precautions; don’t be reckless and don’t risk spreading the disease, but be there for those who need you!

And do not close your hearts to the poor and those who have no or limited healthcare. Refugees, the homeless and migrants, for example, will suffer even more than the general population. Keep your heart open to all those in need. Don’t let your conscience become infected, too.

Pray: Catholic churches around the world are closing, with Masses and other parish services cancelled by many bishops. These are prudent and necessary measures designed to keep people healthy. But they come at some cost: For many people, this removes one of the most consoling parts of their lives—the Mass and the Eucharist—and isolates them even more from the community at a time when they most need support.

What can one do instead? Well, there are many televised and livestreamed Masses available, as well as ones broadcast on the radio. But even if you can’t find one, you can pray on your own. When you do, remember that you’re still part of a community. There is also the “spiritual communion,” when, if you cannot participate in the Mass in person, you unite yourself with God in prayer.

And be creative. You can meditate on the Sunday Gospel on your own, consult a Bible commentary about the readings, gather your family to talk about the Gospel or call friends and share your experiences of how God is present to you, even in the midst of a crisis. Remember too that the church is not a building. It is the community.

Trust in my prayers, too. We will move through this together, with God’s help.

God bless you and your family,

Fr. Juan S. Ramirez, Pastor

MISSION STATEMENT: As members of the Roman Catholic Church, we believe that God is alive and head of our parish family.  We endeavor to be a welcoming, inclusive, charitable and socially responsible faith community.  We offer our hearts, our gifts and our time, as we strive to give witness to Jesus' command to love one another.  Through the example of our patron St. Anthony of Padua, we desire to be peacemakers, living the gospel in word and action.




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